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Wet Sand – From £POA

Wet sanding is removing a layer of the paint’s clearcoat surface that could be ridden with defects. The true objective in wet sanding a painted surface is to produce a true flat surface that gives a perfect reflection within the paint.

What are paint defects?

If you look at a modern car’s paint you will notice that the finish is not totally flat, it would seem that there is a ‘hammered’ texture that is similar to orange peel. There are numerous factors that cause this effect but due to modern paint techniques in car plants this defect how now become an acceptable finish.

Paint runs are where too much paint hasp been applied to the surface and causes the paint to run and harden in place. These are caused by paint applicator error.

Dry paint is where the paint surface looks dry and textured. This is also caused by paint applicator error.

Other common paint defects are blend lines, caused by ‘smart repairers’ not painting complete panels and blending the repair with the existing paint. Dirt particles, this happens when a vehicles paint is still wet and there are foreign particles in the air that fall onto the wet surface and dry in the paint.

These defects rob perfect reflections within the paint thus not achieving full gloss levels. To get a perfect mirror finish in the paint wet sanding is the way to go.

Due to complex nature of this process that can take a considerable number of hours to obtain a perfect finish, each vehicle will be priced individually. We can accommodate your needs to only wet sand individual panels, if they have been previously repaired to a poor standard.

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