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G Techniq treatment can be added to any of our detail packages for the perfect long life protection. The future for car protection is in the nano-technology and G Techniq are one of the market leaders. The G Techniq treatment is the perfect protection package to add to your car, it leaves your car with a glass like finish, and requires less cleaning effort, which is perfect for those who like a low maintenance protection.

- Alloy wheels are sealed on the inner and outer surfaces with G Techniq C5

- Paint work is sealed with one coat of G Techniq C1

- Exterior trim is restored and protected with G Techniq C4

- Interior fabric carpets, mats and seats coated with G Techniq I1

- Leather seats and trim coated with G Techniq L1

- Tyres treated and protected with G Techniq T1

- Glass protected with G Techniq G1

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