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Engine Detail – From £50

The engine bay is not a place to forget about just because it is not on show all of the time. Having your engine bay detailed can complete the whole package for your vehicle.

The process involves a comprehensive process that removes any large or loose debris and any sensitive components are covered, then a liberal coating of pre-clean is sprayed over the engine bay to breakdown any grease or dirt. Various detailing brushes are used to agitate all areas of the engine bay and thoroughly rinsed off and dried. All trims are dressed to own specification.

Interior Detail – From £40

As we spend an average of 500 hours per year in our cars, the interior is an important environment to keep clean and confortable. The interior is trims, seats, carpets, dashboard are all cleansed to remove any dirt build up. If required you can request for all seats to be removed to ensure that no area is left.

Another option is to have the interior clinically cleansed, this process is where all trims and fabrics are cleansed with antibacterial products and then steam cleaned removing bacteria that is harmful and toxic to your health. This is perfect for cars that regularly transport children where food particles can be left between trims and seats that eventually go mouldy or those with cars that are stored over long periods of time, such as a classic or sports car that is no often used and mould and mildew can build up.

Leather Deep Clean and Nourishment – From £30

As leather upholstery is an upgraded option on the majority of cars that adds a premium to the value, it is best to take care and ensure that it is treated regularly. By adding this option, the leather is treated to a deep clean that removes the ingrained dirt within the texture and pores. The imbedded dirt also masks the true colour of the leather and leaves it with a shiny finish which is not a true finish of the leather. After the leather is cleansed it is then nourished and fed to keep the leather soft restoring the new leather smell.

Caliper/Hub Repaint – From £25 per corner

A rusty calliper or hub can let the final look of your freshly detailed vehicle down. Add this option to your detail to complete the package.

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