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Paint Guru Vehicle detailing was started by Rajan Nahr who took his hobby of vehicle preparation to show standard and formed it into a business. He formed his skills and techniques to provide his customers with the same flawless finishes he would produce on his own vehicles and became the Paint Guru of detailing. Every vehicle is treated the same, whether it is an exotic vehicle or a daily driver, each vehicle is treated with the same care and attention to detail. Services ranging from a simple exterior detail, to a full paint correction is available. Each detail starts where the vehicle goes through a painstakingly complex multi stage cleaning process before the full assessment of the paint can commence. Many other services are available from, full on engine details to leather interior deep clean and nourishment. Once Rajan has got your vehicle restored to your desired level it would be imperative not to undo all of the hard work and to protect the surfaces from contaminants and external forces. Various options from high-grade carnauba waxes to ceramic sealants can be chosen, the options can be discussed as appropriate.

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